Simchas Online

Not long after we launched in October 2019, we were approached by a client who wanted us to create a website for her twin tweens’ B’nai Mitzvah. She was a meticulous planner who had paid a not-insignificant amount of money for customized invitations – which were stunning – and could not find an online RSVP site that would give her guests the experience she wanted for them. Customization options were few and labor-intensive. Branding was prolific, intrusive, and expensive to remove.

Fortunately, she approached us before the invites were printed. We worked together to create a beautiful site that put her event first, using colors, fonts, and other elements from the invitations. We had a surprising amount of fun doing it. The only piece of branding on the site was a link to our site in the footer.  She was thrilled and told all her friends about us; we scored a few more gigs – everyone was happy.

From a website design perspective, though, event websites are very different from business websites. So we created, a brand of pressGO, to carve out a space for us to do that. The websites are designed to provide a rich, emotional, experience for the guests and easily accessible, always current, data for the planners.